youarehere! documents work made by Phil Coy whilst artist-in-residence at Brunel University. The role was initiated by Author and Professor Will Self and Professor in Experimental Particle Physics, Akram Khan. The residency is accompanied by a poster edition and essay by artist, curator and writer, Richard Grayson.

In a series of interrelated work, Coy explored Brunel’s physical location near the M4, M40, M25, Heathrow Airport, HMV Record Factory and Pinewood Film Studios. Key references became Brunel’s formation as a Plate Glass University in 1966 with its iconic brutalist Lecture Centre, its use as locations for Stanley Kubrick’s film, A Clockwork Orange (1971) and the impact of concrete on the local landscape, including a network of fishing lakes. Works include temporary and permanent installations, film screenings, a freely distributed imprint, sound works, and live events.

During the residency Coy developed a new permanent sound installation Stereo Pair that was installed on campus in 2021 and will be launched on September 28th 2022. The installation references pre-radar aircraft listening devices; the locally produced HMV ‘Morning Glory’ Gramophone and the nearby invention of stereo sound reproduction. The work incorporates aggregate recycled from the former John Crank Building, demolished during Coy’s residency.

Eleven Windsocks for Brunel, installed atop buildings across the campus, considered the close proximity to Heathrow, the world’s second busiest airport. Coy designed the five-strip windsocks to comply with standard FAA aviation specifications, used by pilots to determine wind direction and speed. A subtle intervention to this design standard, Coy has modified the two-colour design to those of local bird plumage.

Reflecting Coy’s practice in experimental publishing the residency programme included a series publications from the youarehere! imprint, conceived together with Will Self as a freely distributed publication. The imprints publications include Hollows of Heathrow, Hillingdon, and Hayes [inverted images of voids on the Western Fringes of London]Visual Control Room [VCR] , Eleven windsocks for Brunel and M25 B 93.2 [mad bridge]. The electronic publication Highway Haiku, is displayed on a VMS (Variable Message Screen) road-side billboard at the Eastern entrance to the campus. Here, Coy invited students and staff to consider the university’s context at a time of impending global climate catastrophe, and to write haiku based on their daily commute.


Key Dates

Public programme 29 November – 1 December 2019

Temporary works installed 04 October – 16 December 2019

Permanent works installed 2021

Residency timeline

02.02.19  – 18.02.19
as far as i know [RGB] installed in Eastern Gateway Building

Phil Coy AFAIK

15.02.19 – 16.02.19
somewhere_somewhere_nowhere installed in Antonin Artaud building for the Hillingdon Music Festival

phantom limb intervention + introduction to residency by Will Self

Will Self Phantom Limb intervention by Phil Coy
Will Self introduces the residency during phantom limb intervention.

youarehere! imprint established

18.04.19 (ongoing)
studio established and built in The Old Garden Centre

Phil Coy Studio
Phil Coy, Conical forms in studio

fallen eight choreographed movement to the 500 + CCTV cameras on Brunel campus

360 degree capture of John Crank atrium used in filming of Kubricks A Clockwork Orange

05.06.19 – 27.07.19
filming of John Crank Building demolition and retrieval of materials for Stereo Pair

John Crank Demolition
John Crank building during demolition

first imprint Hollows of Heathrow, Hillingdon, and Hayes (inverted images of voids on the Western fringes of London) distributed with Billboards installed in the environment

highway haikus announced with contributions from Will Self

04.10.19 – 16.12.19
site office installed and open to public behind Brunel’s iconic Lecture Centre

funding confirmed for stereo pair permanent public installation on Brunel University campus

imprint VCR [visual control room] printed and distributed

29.10.2019 – 01.04.2020
eleven windsocks for Brunel installed on buildings across campus

Yellow Hammer on Antonin Artaud

guided tour of works installed with Will Self and Phil Coy. Works included in tour:
eleven windsocks for Brunel
site office [closed circuit meditation facility]
M25 [the cars hiss by my window like the waves down on the beach]

29.11.2019 – 01.12.2019
artist talk, films and curated installations in The Lecture Centre

M25 B 93.2 [mad bridge] imprint release and distribution

photographs of land ownership parcel parcel: 11648; a plot designated for redevelopment as part of the construction of Heathrow Third Runway

foundations set for Stereo Pair

Stereo Pair installed in John Crank Gardens
2021_Stereo Pair_Phil Coy

launch of Stereo Pair


Press release + more information

For further information please contact:mail@youarehere.work

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